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Office plant rental and hire
Why use our office plants and pots
Anyone who keeps office plants knows that indoor foliage can brighten a dull, dreary atmosphere and create a refuge from everyday stresses. Office Plants can also remove common toxins from indoor environments and add oxygen to stale air. Given these benefits, you'd think that indoor office plants would be as common in offices as staplers and annoying coworkers!

Sadly, most of us know only two kinds of office plants: the silk ones and those dusty brown fire hazards on top of the filing cabinet. While many of these leafy casualties could have been saved with proper care, it's critical to choose plants that can thrive in the challenging office biome. With a little forethought, you can choose the perfect plant to improve your workplace's aesthetics and your health. Plants affect people. Research indicates most people experience increased production and reduced stress when plants are present. Plants have also been proven to clean the air of toxic chemicals, suppress bacteria and molds and add humidity, making a room feel healthier and more comfortable.

Lush, vibrant plants enhance your image and improve employee morale.

Plants are a vital part of a professional office environment, providing the finishing touch to our business setting. Naturally, plants have the unique ability to humanize an office, encourage productivity, stimulate the mind and promote creativity.

Plants in the workplace ARE PROVEN to improve morale, absorb noise, clean the air and reduce worker stress. Now, more than ever, stress at
work is an issue no one can ignore.


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